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Trampoline lift/lower rollerstands



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Lift/lower roller stands for Flashfold sports trampolines.
These take the heavy work out of setting up the trampoline and comply with manual handling regulations. The stands also lower larger trampolines when folded to allow them to be rolled through a standard height doorway.
Fit the stands in the lowered position onto the trampoline side rails, jack up so you can fold in the trampoline legs easily and then complete folding the trampoline to the vertical position. Next lower the stands and the complete unit will now wheel through a standard height doorway. Price for a set of 2.
Socket extenders enable the Goliath lift/lower rollerstands to be used with a trampoline with wide sides (coaching sides). Price for a set of 2.
Lift/lower roller stands are available for the following trampolines:
  • 77a
  • Dinamite
  • GT Dinamic
  • Goliath  

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