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Original specification nylon webbed beds for all Flashfold sports trampolines.
These are nylon webbing strips across the length and width and stitched at the joints. The smaller the webbing size the more responsive the bed so the 6mm bed is suitable for competition whereas the 25mm bed is more suitable for schools and institutional use. The 4mm x 6mm bed uses 4mm webbing across the width and 6mm on the length and is a special bed for competition use. We also offer a string bed for Goliath trampolines.
To assist with identification look at the numbers of anchor bars along the sides and ends - for example, a Goliath has 37 on the sides and 19 on the ends, a 77A has 33 on the sides and 17 on the ends.
Standard size beds:
  • Grasshopper solid
  • Junior solid
  • Junior 25mm
  • 77A 6mm
  • 77A 13mm
  • 77A 25mm
  • 77A 45mm
  • Goliath 4mm x 6mm
  • Goliath 6mm
  • Goliath 13mm
  • Goliath 25mm
  • Dinamite 4mm x 6mm
  • Dinamic 6mm
  • Grand Master 6mm
  • Grand Master 13mm
  • Grand Master 25mm
  • Grand Master 45mm
For other sizes please contact us

Contact us: Tel: 01295 760192 / e-mail:

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