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Assault course, Trim trail

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We supply most assault course obstacles in steel or wood and trim trail obstacles in wood. We also supply all replacement climbing ropes, scramble nets and toggle bridges for any size.
A summary of our products and services is listed below.
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Assault course obstacles
  • Assault course obstacles in 76mm galvanised steel tube to original Olympic/PSA specification
  • Assault course obstacles in 250mm diameter pressure treated logs
  • Climbing ropes in 36mm or 40mm diameter polypropylene
  • Horizontal ropes and regain ropes in 36mm or 40mm diameter polypropylene
  • Scramble nets in 16mm polypropylene
  • Burma bridge/rope bridge in 36mm, 28mm and 16mm polypropylene
  • Ropes to most specifications in polypropylene, polyester, natural hemp or manila
Trim trails
  • Trim trail obstacles, 250mm diameter pressure treated logs incorporating
  • balance beams, chinning bars, climbing ropes and rope swings, gate climbs, monkey bars, inclined hurdles, leapfrog posts, parallel bars, running steps, scramble nets, sit up bench/bars, storming ladders, swing steps and bridges
We carry out safety inspections on assault course and fitness trail obstacles to comply with health and safety requirements and carry out repairs and maintenance on most makes of obstacle. Click technical for more information or for any installation or repairs to ropes or nets please contact us. For other specifications of rope please contact us as we can make almost any specification.

Contact us: Tel: 01295 760192 / e-mail:

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