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We supply and install a wide range of basketball goals and accessories for internal and external use from competition to recreational standards. We also mark courts on most indoor and outdoor surfaces.
A summary of our products and services is listed below.
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Indoor basketball goals for competition and practice use
  • Fixed basketball goals fitted flush to a wall or on brackets with up to 1.2m projection - the most cost effective for play and practice boards
  • Adjustable height backboards for Mini Basketball as well - these can be fitted flush or on fixed or hinged projection brackets (note the boards on these frames are practice size)
  • Side hinged basketball goals with up to 3.7m projection (wall fixed) - the most cost effective for competition use in sports halls
  • Vertical hinged basketball goals with up to 4.7m projection (wall fixed) - for competition use where longer projections are required and storage space on the wall is restricted
  • Unistem basketball goal with up to 7m projection (ceiling or wall fixed) - a very rigid goal for long projections and with minimal steel work to make probably the neatest looking goal
  • Backward folding basketball goal (ceiling fixed) - for special installations
  • Unistem side hinged basketball goal - for special installations
  • Portable competition basketball goals - a heavy weighted competition goal where a wall fixed goal is not practicable. These goals are large and require floor anchors to secure them when in use
Outdoor basketball goals
  • Freestanding practice goals - for recreational and school use. These should not be left standing when not in use
  • Single post basketball goals - for recreational or competition use. There are different sizes of goal posts and projections and board size and shape for most requirements
  • Wall fixed basketball goals - for recreational use
Other products
  • Winches, manual or electric - for lifting the indoor overhead goals. These can usually be retrofitted to existing installations to make life much easier
  • Safety arrestors - recommended for all overhead equipment
  • Internal and external basketball backboards for competition and practice sizes and in acrylic (clear) for competitions. Special sizes can be made to fit older installations
  • Competition, slam dunk and practice basketball rings - we have a wide range for recreational to heavy duty competition specifications
  • Competition and practice basketball nets
  • Rim and post padding - padding for the bottom of backboards and for the posts on single post goals
  • Training bibs, basketball balls and other accessories
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