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Climbing wall

12/7 holds/m2


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Our climbing walls are a great way to convert an existing plain wall into an exciting challenge.
We install holds and fixings onto an existing brick wall (picture shows a 6m high x 5m wide climbing wall for up to 4 climbers (allowing 1.25m width per climber). Holds fixings are fitted in a grid position allowing a maximum of 12 holds per m2 (for beginners) which can be reduced to 7 (for intermediates) or less for more advanced climbers and holds are supplied as standard for either 7, 9 or 12 per m2. The grid fixings allow a multitude of routes to be created using the different coloured holds. The wall can also be painted with non slip climbing paint to improve the look and feel. Belay points are required and we recommend 1 belay point for every 1.25m width. (Belay ropes and harnesses will also be required).
  • High grip holds in a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes, Club 2 range (other shapes available as an option)
  • Expansion anchor and fitting tool (resin anchors for soft or hollow brick walls are available as an option)
  • Bolt and special hex head key
  • Belay points and fixings are not included
  • Belay ropes, harnesses, ballast bags, hats are not included
  • Prices are for supply only for holds and fixings for 1m2 of wall area for 12 fixings with either 7, 9 or 12 holds
Please contact us for an installation quote. We will need to carry out a site survey prior to installation to assess the wall and its suitability.

Contact us: Tel: 01295 760192 / e-mail:

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