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These gym mats are ideal where lightness is essential, as they are approximately half the weight of the deluxe gym mat equivalent and much easier to store due to their weight and rigidity (they do not collapse when stored vertically or upright in a mat trolley).
Lightweight gym mats are ideal for general sports & leisure floor exercise, including PE and gymnastics, in schools, gyms, fitness classes or at home.
They have PVC covers and a polyethylene foam core which gives a slightly harder feel with less rolling resistance, and  are flame retardant.
Lightweight gym mats are available in blue, red or black. Please specify colour when ordering.
These are available in the following sizes:
  • 4' x 3' x 1", weight: 1.5kg
  • 4' x 3' x 1 1/4", weight: 2kg
  • 6' x 2' x 1"
  • 6' x 2' x 1 1/4"
  • 6' x 4' x 1", weight: 3.5kg
  • 6' x 4' x 1 1/4", weight: 4kg
  • 2m x 1m x 20mm
  • 2m x 1m x 30mm, weight: 3.5kg
  • 2m x 1m x 40mm, weight: 4.5kg
Mats are graded depending on their resilience for the following applications.
  • TYPE 1 - for floor exercise, without jumping
  • TYPE 2 - for floor exercise, with jumping
  • TYPE 3 - for floor exercise with jumping and landing.
Lightweight gym mats are graded as TYPE 1
Manufactured to BSEN 12503-1:2001
Flame retardent to BS 1892-3:2003

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