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Soft play, Foam shapes

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We supply soft play products in a variety of shapes & designs.
There are three specific ranges of soft play shapes designed to assist in the step-by-step development of active, growing children. Each range features a variety of shapes, which are available individually or as complete sets.
A summary of our products and services is listed below.
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  • Frolic range of soft play is a 'start point' for nursery age children (1 to 4 years). Each of the four Frolic playstations have been designed to present many movement learning experiences from crawling, climbing, stepping, balancing, coordination, standing, pushing, pulling and rocking. Using the activity programme included in the Support Pack allows non-specialists to structure and monitor meaningful play sessions and provide opportunities to chart and reward early progress.
  • Move and Play range of softplay shapes is suitable for children from 4 to 7 years of age who have perhaps used the Frolic Range to obtain a basic movement vocabulary. 6 different shapes can be combined or used individually to train poise, balance, strength, stepping, climbing on and under, coordination and initiating forward and backward rolls. Move & Play provides the challenge of larger scale apparatus and encourages progression and is excellent for developing poise, balance and skills in structured play and general gymnastics.
  • Sport range is ideal for aspiring gymnasts (aged 7 to 11 years) with a more formal approach to developing skills and physical education goals. There are 9 different items which can be used for specific activities whilst combinations of several pieces create variety and challenge. Children can confidently attempt basic gymnastics (headstands, handstands, top vaults, traditional vaulting and landing) or just try all of the climbing, sliding, jumping and rolling activities their imaginations suggest, all with the safe and soft support of the Sport range.
  • Many other softplay shapes including animals.

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