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Storage solutions

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We supply storage racks, hooks, trolleys, bins and baskets to store sports, gymnasium and PE equipment safely.
A summary of our products and services is listed below.
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Storage trolleys - we supply many sizes of trolleys for storing mats and other items vertically or horizontally.
  • Vertical mat trolleys for all mats
  • Semi inclined mat trolleys
  • Horizontal mat trolleys
  • PE equipment trolleys for poles and planks
  • Gymnastic equipment trolleys (for beams, horses etc)
  • Equipment trolleys for games, bats and balls
  • Storage criel trolleys for storing gymnastic carpets
  • Storage criel trolleys for storing cricket mats
Storage bins - we supply plastic and wire mesh storage bins for storing bats, balls and other small sports and PE equipment items.
  • Football and basketball basket (on wheels)
  • Wire storage basket (fit inside each other)
  • Plastic storage basket (fit inside each other)
  • Stackable wire mesh bins with open front
Storage racks/shelves - we supply a range of storage racks shelves and baskets for storing bats, balls, rackets, hoops and many other small items. These are either on wheels or fixed to a wall.
  • Ball racks
  • Racks for rackets
  • Racks for skipping ropes and hoops
  • Spur shelving
Storage hooks - we supply a wide range of hooks and brackets for storing games posts, sports and PE equipment against a wall.
  • J shaped hooks for PE equipment and goals
  • Z shaped hooks for PE equipment and goals
  • Long Z hooks for benches and wider equipment

Contact us: Tel: 01295 760192 / e-mail:

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