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Double ramped dividing mat for use where trampolines are arranged end to end.
These fill the gaps between trampolines and act as a spotting deck for both. These are supported by the mat support which is a wheelaway frame with a padded top and fits to the 2 trampoline end rails (where they are arranged end to end). 1 support is required for supporting the dividing mat and should be ordered separately.
Note the dividing mat covers the coverall pads at the ends which are approximately 450mm deep so the gap between frames is approximately 0.5m/1.1m with the standard/competition divider.
  • Competition mat size 3m x 2m x 200mm (for use with competition trampolines)
  • Standard size mat 2.4m x 1.37m x 200mm (for use with 77A trampolines)
  • Short standard mat 2.4m x 0.9m x 200mm (where trampolines frames are touching so no mat support is required  

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